Power Call


How this work:
1) Click buy, complete your payment.
2) Send me an email at hellochatrinsi@gmail.com with your name ( the name you used on your PayPal at the time of the purchase)

3) I will send you a link to book your call, no worries we will find a time that works for you.

4) I will send you a questionnaire, to get to know you and have more info about your business, your situation and your goals.
I will need all the details so I can use this 90min to help you get out of the call with a plan and action steps to achieve your objectives.

5) On the call, we are going to dig deep into the business and you can use the time to ask anything, I will be there to serve you.

6) After our Call, you have a full week to ask follow-up questions by email.

Let’s book the call.



Hi Boss Babes, I’m a branding strategist, I help ambitious women position themselves online to attract their ideal audience.

Since I know not everyone is at the level to hire a full-time strategist, I have this option for you, ambitious woman, who wants to have guidance and move the needle on your business.

this is a 90min 1:1  power call.

this is for you if:

You are an Ambitious female business owner or coach

If you have your skills, but it’s still struggling to be seen online.

You are tired of the vanity numbers; you really want the conversions.

You need help to focus on your exposure and present yourself as an authority on your niche to attract clients.

I can’t wait to help you with your brand.


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