Why your strategy is not working.

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Blog posts, Strategy

It’s ok if your strategy fails, it doesn’t mean you fail!
A strategy is part of a plan you create to achieve your business goals.

A successful launch strategy is essential to successfully launch your program, with a well-thought-out strategy, you will be able to achieve your goals and objectives.

But even if your strategy doesn’t deliver as you wish it does mean your failure as a business, it just means you need to re-assess the plan and find out what can you do differently, or best yet, what you should do differently and what not.

And sometimes the reason your strategy is failing is that was not made for you!

Raise your hand if that’s you;
You have a great idea for a program, then you go ahead and start researching how to take this idea from the paper.
And you fin different coaches suggesting different things,
You get a piece of info from coach-A, a little of what coach-B said, and some more from coach-C, then you go ahead and launch your offer, just to find out that nothing worked as you wished.

That happens because, as amazing as these coaches are, they give you free advice based on the general situation, which may not be your case.

So you get frustrated because you know you can impact so many people if you could just get this information in front of them.
But you are a strong woman and won’t give up yet.
You go ahead and find new info and start studying more and more on how to create a new launch, just to get into a rabbit hole of strategies and get overwhelmed and start to feel like you need a team or that this is not really for you and these great ideas initially bringing you such joy begin to feel like a burden because you don’t really know what to do with them.

Don’t beat yourself; we’ve all been there trying to “DIY” our whole business.
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; we all do.
But just like a DIY project, you need the right pieces, instructions, and sometimes a little help from someone to get to a final art piece.

You don’t need a big team or lots of complicated systems to have a successful launch. You need a customized strategy that will work for you based on your needs and goals.




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