Why your brand exposure is not working.

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Blog posts, Branding

I ate Salada today, But I didn’t lose 5kg!

In fact, I ate salad three times this week, and my jeans are still tight!
I will ask for my money back….

Well, I’m no health coach, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works!

The same goes for your brand.

If you treat your brand exposure the way I treat my diet, you will not get results.?‍♀️

You post once and expect to make money from that post.

Then when you don’t, you lose motivation.

Then you go on a rant and post for a whole week, and it feels right.

But it gets hard to maintain, and you stop for a month, just like a diet that you are in and out, without results.

I’m not here to judge you; I know it’s hard to keep up when you’re not getting the desired results.

What happens is that, just like a diet, you may be trying to get quick fixes for your business or getting very generic strategies that may not be the best for your situation.

Each person and business have different needs and require different approaches to achieve their goals.

Do you want to have more brand exposure?
Learn where your ideal client hangs out so you can focus on those platforms.

Do you want to make sure you are consistent across platforms?
Create a plan and visual communication to represent your business online.

Don’t want to spend 24/7 creating content?
Create a plan that works for you, and take notes on what works and is not.

“We can’t read the label from inside of the jar.”
So having someone on your corner supporting you can be just the help you need to move forward.
Find a group or mastermind with like-minded people that can support you through this process.

And if you want someone to help you create an efficient strategy to help you have a more aligned brand online?
Find a coach/mentor that will acknowledge your needs and create a plan specific for you and your business, take your hand and walk you through every step of the way.

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